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"To produce credible, competent and qualified Pilots as future leaders in the aviation industry."


"Aviationlink Asia Training Center is mandated to be the most effective and efficient prime source of aviators for local and abroad. This is accomplished through the use of latest hardware and equipment plus an up to date curriculum that at par or exceed International Standard."

About Us

About Aviation Link Asia

Aviationlink Asia Training Center was conceptualized to standardize and provide the best alternative solution to aviation schools. The company is formed as a private company offering services to local and foreign students, private and commercial pilots regardless of age, nationality and creed.

Aviationlink Asia Training Center provides adequate equipment and hardware for flight training and performs basic and advanced flight instruction through administration of World Class Standard and actual learning and training with reliable and airworthy equipment guided by flight and ground instructors with competent flight experience.

Aviationlink Asia Training Center is engaged to provide the best quality of flight training through the input and integration of the best values, skills, actions and safety of the flight and ground training.


  1. Location
  2. Aviationlink Asia Training Center is strategically located in Laoag International Airport which is the northernmost international airport in the Philippines by geographical location and dubbed as the “window of the north” to the Philippines. The airport has a 2.7 kilometer of runway, has its own navigational and landing instrument systems suitable for international airport training procedures.

  3. Weather permitting condition allows maximum flying hours
  4. Generally, the country enjoys a two-type weather condition namely the dry and wet season. The wet season normally starts during June till October and the dry season from Nov. to May. The two-type weather season acts favorable to the schooling of the cadets as the wet season provides the ground schooling while the dry season is perfect for the air works with the wind calm and clear skies condition. The weather therefore is a vital element to address the learning curve of the cadets. VFR is open from 6:00am to 6:00pm.

  5. Language barrier is not a limitation
  6. The country is home to English speaking people where it is considered as the second dialect. Hence, it is an advantage for English speaking foreigner cadets to be well acquainted and adjusted to the native culture as the common source of understanding is the skill on English communication. In partnership with Visatrust Consultation, we also offer our own English Proficiency Course with lessons approved by IELTS, Pearson and ICAO standards.

  7. Less restrictions in aerodrome use
  8. Laoag International Airport is suitable for pilot training as they are exposed to International Airport procedures and protocol. As the area becomes suitable for the cadet training, aerodrome becomes favorable for variety of air works depending on the required skill for the build-up time of the cadet. The other aerodromes in the vicinity (Vigan, San Fernando, Iba) restrictions are minimal and less traffic, that is why flying time is maximized in this area.

  9. Unique induction program
  10. Aviationlink Asia Training Center formulated a unique pilot training program which maximizes time efficiency in training duration. This includes a well observed instructor to student ratio, a favorable weather for training, internal audit for the students training stage and a excellent training areas and facility.

  11. Immigration and documentation assistance
  12. Aviationlink Asia Training Center is duly authorized by the Department of Foreign Affairs to assist incoming foreign students in processing their student visa. We also offer an optional full assistance package for incoming foreign students which includes travel and medical insurance, transportation support, accommodations with free meals and liaison support for all documentation process.